Have you ever considered that Forrest Gump is a brilliant story on the importance of action?

When Forrest Gump set out to run he didn’t plan his route. He didn’t say, “hey, I’d like to start running, let me read some books about how to run.” He didn’t stress over the best footwear or optimal running attire, he just started RUNNING. In fact all of Gump’s success in that movie is because he just DID, rather than theorize.

Take Action.

Forrest, Forrest Gump took action. He just started runnin’.

It’s all too common, the desire to acquire the best possible information on a subject before we give it a shot. We want to know the best diet out there, the perfect exercise, what esoteric ingredient we need to hunt down that burns fat, provides youthful energy and allows us to fly.

We get caught up in theory, but neglect action. You could have read every book there is on piloting an aircraft but, if you’ve never been in the cockpit, you can’t really claim you can fly.

I think this need to acquire all the knowledge possible before we begin any journey is just a form of procrastination. Let me break it to you – that perfect next step, it doesn’t exist. We could spend the rest of our lives searching for it but, without action, it’s only going to push us further away from our goal.

The only real information you need is that gained from embarking on the path. If your step takes you closer, head in that direction, if it doesn’t, course correct.


Here are Some Tips on How to Implement this Action-First Approach:

1. If there is a new activity you’ve been wanting to try – RIGHT NOW – open up a new tab and sign up for a class ASAP.

2. Allow yourself to fail. Really going for it means you are at risk to fall flat on your face, accept that fact – each failure is a lesson to help you improve.

3. That thing you’ve been putting off until the kids are back to school, you get your next bonus or when Mercury is no longer in retrograde- just do it, now.

Thank you for reading! If you found this helpful and would like to jump start your fitness, please contact us.

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