The Reason You’re Not Fit – part 2

I’m fat. I’m too out of shape. I’m lazy. I’m worthless.

Familiar mantra? How’s that working out for you?

We tell ourselves these things for many different reasons. Maybe we heard it from a parent when we were younger, or the kids at school. But, do you need to adhere to the identity given to you by others? Are you okay with being boxed in?

In a time where identity is fluid it’s more important than ever to affirm who you are at your core. One thing to be taken from this movement – there are things you get to decide about your being. You don’t have to identify as the “fat kid” that felt humiliated – unable to perform a pull-up during the Presidential Fitness Test.

You are years removed from gym class – you make grown up decisions every day – you get to choose to take charge. You crush it at home and at work. Bring that same energy into your health! Decide you are fit and and take every action you can to reveal that truth.

Did you know?

A smoker will struggle to quit when they use language like, “I’m trying to quit” vs stating “I’m not a smoker.” When faced with the same situation the individual identifying as a non-smoker saw significantly better success with abstaining from smoking. (You can learn more about this in the book Atomic Habits).

It’s very easy to fall into this identity trap – thinking what you want is out of reach because you could never be that. I get it! In the summer of 6th grade I asked a friend if he heard back from the honors math placement test yet. He had, I hadn’t – when I questioned it he replied “you probably weren’t smart enough to get in.” I didn’t get into that class and I believed I was dumb until the time I graduated college.

You have the option – subscribe to an identity that doesn’t serve to make you happy and carry out the habits that go along with that,


Decide who you are capable of being and strive to bring that person to life.

Michelangelo said:

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

You too must see the best version of you and work tirelessly until it’s revealed.

A fit person wouldn’t wait another day! Get started now by clicking here. We look forward to helping you reach your full potential.

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