Real Simple Talks Common Stretching Mistakes with Michael Pappas OPT

Pappas OPT Physical, Sports and Hand Therapy’s Michael Pappas OPT sat down with Real Simple to talk about the importance of stretching and the 7 mistakes to avoid while doing it.

How You Stretch Matters—Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes to Stay Limber and Injury-Free

These sneaky stretching mistakes and myths can cause more harm than good.

Love it or hate it, stretching is a vital part of having a healthy, fit body, and it’s crucial if you want to stay active your whole life. “If you want to enjoy fitness for your entire life, then stretching is the key,” says Matthew Morris, a certified personal trainer and master fitness programmer at Burn Boot Camp in Cornelius, N.C.

Stretching not only increases your flexibility and range of motion, but it will also improve your performance in workouts and all physical activity. By stretching, you increase blood flow to your muscles and even help relieve stress and calm your mind, and it’s one of the best ways to ward off injury. “Regular stretching is one of the most important keys to preventing injuries during normal everyday activities as well as health and fitness programs,” says Michael Pappas OPT, PT, the CEO and cofounder of Pappas OPT Physical and Hand Therapy in Providence, R.I.

Read the whole article and catch the 7 stretching tips at Real Simple.

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