Important Information

Billing and Insurance

Sometimes, the most stressful part of physical therapy can be figuring out how billing works. We’re here to provide you all the details up front.

Everything you need to know about billing.

  • We start off by verifying your benefits so that we know how much your copay for physical therapy costs.
  • We collect the copay at your visit and apply it to your account with us.
  • We submit a claim to your insurance company so they are aware of your appointment. It can take the insurance company around 45 days to process your claim.
  • We review the claim once it has been processed, and let you know if there is a balance or a refund coming your way. If you need to pay a remaining balance, please click the button below.

How much will my treatment cost?

What insurances does Pappas OPT accept?

Pappas OPT is in-network with the majority of insurance carriers. We accept:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross of Rhode Island
  • Medicare
  • Tufts
  • United Health
  • Harvard Pilgrim
  • Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island
  • Tricare

Insurance can seem complicated. If you have any questions about your insurance or how billing works, please contact our friendly billing department at (401) 785-1016.

Haven’t booked your appointment yet? Don’t let the stress of billing get in the way of managing your pain. Contact us today to get started.

Do you have a High Deductible
Health Plan?

A High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) is an insurance plan that requires patients to pay a large amount of their healthcare costs out of pocket up front before tapping into their insurance benefits.  

The IRS says that a health plan is considered an HDHP if:

  • The deductible is $1300 or more, for individuals
  • The deductible is $2600 or more, for families

How does an HDHP affect you?

It can be daunting to pay for your physical therapy out of your pocket.

But getting physical therapy sooner rather than later has been proven to save you money—and time—in the future by avoiding expensive surgeries and unnecessary medications.

We don’t want anything to get in the way of your treatment. That’s why care at Pappas OPT costs 47% less than the national average.

If you have a HDHP and are concerned about the costs of physical therapy, contact us today to discuss your options. We deal with insurance providers on a daily basis and have a number of resources at our disposal to help our patients.

Contact our billing department to ask about your HDHP at (401) 785-1016.